Municipal Vision:

“Striving together to be an excellent centre for service delivery and development”

The vision clearly highlights the importance of creating partnerships with our social partners, with an aim of establishing a highly effective and efficient public service institution that excels in providing basic services to its communities and creating a centre for future growth and knowledge management. Council has an understanding of our existing challenges, economic & cultural diversity and yet is determined to become the hub of efficient and effective service delivery. With an understanding of the challenges, potentials and capabilities that are existing in eMalahleni to enhance and where possible to turn around the architectural designs, planning and socio-economical limitations that were engineered and imposed on our society through the systems of the past.

The Mission Statement:

“Providing affordable, accessible and sustainable quality service, enhancing community participation and creating a climate for economic development”

Core Value:

To realize the organizational Vision and Mission EMalahleni adopted the following values:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Transparency
  • Community involvement
  • Growth and development

Municipal Focus Area's 2012 - 2013:

Key Focus Area's

  • To strengthen basic services deliver supported by infrastructure development and integrated human settlement
  • To initiate a strong and sustainable Local/Regional Economic Development and Sustainable Environmental Management
  • To increase the broader human capital and community development
  • To build strong sustainable governance and institutional structures and arrangements
  • To ensure sound and legally financial Management and Viability.

Strategic Objectives

  • Increase access to service on new and old settlements and improve operation and maintenance
  • Promote the City as an investment destination in order to grow the economy and create jobs
  • Develop institutional management business processes and systems to improve service delivery
  • Ensure that appropriate social investments and programmes are in place to reduce and eliminate constraints for human development
  • Adequately improve controls of the level of revenue and expenditure.

Perspective from the IDP Desk 2012/13 - 2016/17

The Municipality has undertaken extensive consultative sessions to ensure that this is a true reflection of Emalahleni Community’s Priorities.   As this is a five-year plan, our role is to ensure that we move in unison towards realizing the Council’s Vision and ensuring that the wishes of the people of Emalahleni are not forgotten in the process.

The national challenge has been to ensure that the IDPs become a reality and that there are not just a wish list that is separate from the budget.  Much attention has been given to ensuring that this IDP is streamlined and focuses on the tangibles and that a proper implementation plan exists and that there is a proper monitoring and evaluation plan.  In this plan we set a performance standard which will enable the communities to keep abreast of whether the municipality does indeed perform in accordance to the expected standards.  With the introduction of the amended IDP Evaluation Framework which aims at ensuring that the IDPs really focus on the Five Key Performance of Local Government with the emphasis on the Spatial Development Rationale that the Municipality, the Municipality subsequently reviewed its Spatial Development Framework as all development happens within space, therefore the municipal priorities should be reflected also in the manner in which our space is planned.

We aim to have a progressive monitoring and reporting system whereby we would be able to see perpetual achievement of Municipal targets and where we are unable to meet certain targets be in a position to detect this early and undertake corrective measures.  This Municipality has streamlined its focus areas to just five compared to the previous eighteen because of the realization that while the Community’s needs are numerous we cannot focus on everything at once due to the limited resources.  We hope that by the end of the five year term we would have moved strides towards attaining that which has set out to do, not matter how little, we hope to excel in the few areas that we have targeted and then move on to others.

We are hopeful that all units and directorates within this organization, as well as our different communities will embrace this five-year plan as a guide to any activity undertaken in the name of the municipality and that communities will not despair if some of their priorities are not undertaken immediately, as this rests largely on available resources.