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Tariffs: Residential

New Residential tariffs for the new financial year as of 1 July 2015:

WATER CONSUMPTION in a residential household:

Consumption 0-6 Kl per Kl R6.55
PLUS 7-10 Kl per Kl R7.85
PLUS 11-15 Kl per Kl R10.35
PLUS 16-20 Kl per Kl R12.00
PLUS 21-25 Kl per Kl R14.70
PLUS 26-30 Kl per Kl R15.40
PLUS 31-40 Kl per Kl R18.20
PLUS 41-60 Kl per Kl R21.00
PLUS 61-80 Kl per Kl R32.65
PLUS 81-onwards per Kl R39.20

Please note the first 6Kl will be charged at R6.55 per kilolitre then between 7 and 10Kl you are charged R7.85 then between 11 and 15Kl you are charged R10.3

ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION in a residential household:

Pre-Paid: (Vat Included) per unit R1.74 0 - 600 kWH (Vat excluded) R1.43 601 > kWH (Vat excluded) R1.27