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Executive Director: Corporate Services

 Mr. Mandla Vilane

Mr. M.J Vilane

Mr. Mandla Vilane joined the municipality prior the amalgamation of the former Witbank, Kriel and Ogies Municipalities. Since his appointed till to date he has been working at Corporate Services Directorate. He has an extensive knowledge in Local Government and qualified in Public Administration as a discipline. He is passionate about amongst other organizational development and change Management.

Corporate Services Priorities

  • Human Resource Management

    Improving the relationship between the employer and employee component.
  • Legal Services

    Advising the employer on legal matters.
  • Administration and auxiliaries

    Supporting council and committees as well as keeping council records.
  • Information Communication Technology

    Improving technical communication within the municipality
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Corporate Services

Directorate overview.

The Directorate renders support service to the core service delivery departments of the Municipality. The support service is rendered through:

  • provision and management of human  resource,
  • building institutional capacity,
  • promoting sound labour relations
  • rendering administrative support to the Institution and
  • it renders excellent legal services.

Functions of the Directorate.

  • Responsible for Planning, Policy Development/Review and Monitoring and Evaluation,
  • control and manage the day to day administrative affairs of the Corporate Services Directorate to ensure that  policies are implemented promptly, efficiently, and within the parameters of all relevant legislation,
  • Interface with both elected members and officials,
  • Ensure that employees meet their required outputs and outcomes,
  • Communicate Council policies and provide leadership and strategic advice as necessary,
  • Institute a robust system of internal controls and delegation that provides employees with a clear understanding of their obligations,
  • Contribute to the review of the IDP annually and ensure that Council policies and priorities as related to Corporate Services are reflected in the IDP and budget,
  • To take a proactive role in ensuring that competent Human Resources are available at the right time and place (HR Planning) and that Institutional Support is provided for throughout the institution,
  • Facilitate the review of all the by-laws

Supporting Departments

Human Resources

  • Training of Cllrs, Employees and unemployed,
  • Benefits Administration,
  • Labour Relations,
  • Staff Provisioning,
  • HR Planning and OD,and
  • Administer Individual PMS.


  • HIV and Aids in the Workplace,
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Injury on Duty and
  • Employee assistance program.

Administrative and Auxillaries

  • Office Support,
  • Facilities Management and
  • Customer Care.

Information Communication and Technology

  • IT Support and Systems Administration, and
  • Networking, Software and hardware maintenance.

Legal Services

  • The Department manages all litigation by or against the Municipality, except litigation pertaining to revenue co.
  • The Department with major precedent setting cases and plays an important role in the prevention of litig identifying potential risks and dealing with it immediately. These risks are mitigated by ensuring proactive intervention in the form of perusing all reports and submitted to various decision making bodies of the Council formal advice on procedure and processes.
  • Provide legal advice to Council and Directors with regard to Local Government and Labour issues
  • Provide guidance in handling of all Legal matters against Council and Disciplinary processes to ensure fair and consistent handling of complains in order to protect the public.
  • Compilation and formulation of Regulations and amendments to Legislation required to Council
  • Carry out Legal Actions of the Council
  • Provide Legal Services during enquiries and appeal processes, etc.
  • Attend to all correspondence with regard to Legal matters
  • Draft legal documents.
  • Maintain records of all Legal cases both finalized and pending.
  • Providing proper Interpretation of Legislation and providing proper Advice to Council and to the entire Executive Management.
  • Contract Management

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