Technical Services

Municipalities must ensure that basic services are provided to their communities as stated in the Constitution of the country. According to section 73 (1) of Municipal Systems Act, the municipality must provide municipal services such that:
  • The give priority to the basic needs of the local community
  • Promote the development of the local community, and
  • Ensure that all members of the local community have access to at least the minimum level of basic services.
There is a pressing need for the municipality to provide quality services to the community so as to avoid public unrests.
According to section 73 (2) of Municipal Systems Act the municipal services must:
  • Be equitable and accessible
  • Be provided in a manner that is conducive to:
  • The prudent, economic, efficient and effective use of available resources, and
  • The improvement of standards of quality over time
  • Be financially sustainable
  • Be environmentally sustainable, and
  • Be regularly reviewed with a view to upgrading, extension and improvement.
Technical Services Directorate is a service delivery department that provides engineering services, such as: potable water, sanitation, electricity, roads and storm-water, transport infrastructure, street lighting and maintain all municipal buildings.
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